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How to Raise a Snowflake

Child suspended from a Hoke County North Carolina school for using a stick in a playground incident. Supposedly the little 5 year old girl was the guard for the mock prince and princess in their playground game. In order to carry out the duty of being a guard, the child used a stick that resembled a gun and hollered “bang” at the children who were trying to apparently breach security of the prince and princess.

So now, we have a child who is afraid to even pick up a stick and identify it with a gun. The little girl will probably now forever have an aversion to guns. I’m sorry but if someone wants to hold this little girl responsible for acting like she had a gun, how about the children that were breaching security? So it’s okay in their 5 year old games to trespass and tromp on somebody else’s territory, but it’s NOT okay to defend it?  We’re  raising a whole new level of wimpy-ass snowflakes.

I’ll save the long diatribe about how history is written by those strong enough to create it. “Bringing a knife to a gunfight.” Apparently we are creating a nation that is hellbent on bringing mean looks to a nuclear war. Guess who’s going to win?



I’m truly disgusted by the people on my TV news day in and day out. And the ongoing stupidities they perform.  Go Hoke County. You f*cking idiots.

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