Chuck Todd and the Girl Scout Cookies

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I was watching political shows this Sunday. I had actually stopped as they have all seemed to be hellbent on their OWN agendas and not so much informing. Beyond my local NC Spin show, today I tuned into “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd.  I admittedly was a huge fan of CBS’ Bob Schieffer for years.  I do like John Dickerson who took over for Bob, but I was hoping to get a broader overview. So I tuned into  Chuck Todd and Meet the Press.  Todd hasn’t been around for the huge number of years obviously as Schieffer, nor is he as affable as Dickerson, but he does have his own style – which I can honestly say now, I really don’t like.  Been watching him for a while on and off, and have NEVER found myself thinking, “This guy has got it going on.”

His basic style just seems ongoing confrontational over anything that can possibly be made that way.  He seems to have quite a resume so I believe  that he is well-respected, but after today’s show, I honestly tuned out and stopped recording it. Commentary continues AFTER…

SO, TODAY’s mental image of just how WOULD an interview with Chuck Todd go in different circumstances…

Chuck Todd and the Girl Scout Cookies

Todd: My guest this morning claims to be a local Girl Scout director.
Wrigley: Yes, thanks for having me on today, Chuck. My name is Arlene Wrigley and I’m the local area director for the Girl Scouts here in the Dallas Tex…
Todd: You claim your name is Arlene Wrigley. That sounds possessive. So you’re claiming you OWN the name “Arlene Wrigley”? That’s YOURS?
Wrigley: Well no, I don’t OWN it per se, but yes, it IS my name, Chuck. Is that odd or some sort of..
Todd: CLAIMING a name as YOURS indicates to me and any SANE person that you OWN that name, and I think America would agree that is a massive overreach. I did a quick check and there are over 11,000 OTHER Arlene Wrigley’s across the United States. Why do you feel like YOU own that name and should be able to claim it?
Wrigley: Uh… Well, I don’t exactly OWN the name, Chuck, but my parents gave it to me at birth and…
Todd: OH. Your PARENTS GAVE it to you? Did they have the RIGHTS to give you that name? Them “giving” you the name denotes ownership. So you are going on record then and saying that THEY owned the name and thus the rights to “give” you THAT name?  Here on national television? Are you willing to step up and say that?
Wrigley: Chuck, it’s just a na…
Todd: Well, I feel like we need to set the record straight here on national television. So will you go on record to state that YOUR parents had the RIGHTS to GIVE you THAT NAME??
Wrigley: I really don’t know, Chuck. I really d…
Todd: So now you’re FLIP-FLOPPING that this is even your REAL name?? YOU won’t step up on NATIONAL TELEVISION and even admit that this IS your name?
Wrigley: I. Uh. Chuck, seriously, I’m just here to tell everyone about our annual Girl Scout Cookie drive start…
Todd: Girl Scout “Cookies”? These cookies are made out of Girl Scouts??? Doesn’t that sound a lot like SOYLENT GREEN to YOU?? So you’re coming onto live TV and saying you are making these cookies out of GIRL SCOUTS??
Wrigley: NOOOOO! No, they’re NOT “girl scout” cookies like that!!! How could anyon…
Todd: So they’re NOT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES?? So what are you doing up here wasting my time, and the nation’s, talking about Girl Scout cookies that you’re NOW saying are NOT Girl Scout cookies???  Can you explain that? I think everyone is waiting for you to step up.
Wrigley: Noooo Chuck, these are the traditional GIRL SCOUT COOKIES that girl scouts come out every year and SELL! They’re not MADE of girl scou…
Todd: SO the scouts just SELL these cookies. Well, do Girl Scouts at least MAKE the cookies?
Wrigley: Yes, Chuck they SELL these cookies. But, no, they don’t directly MAKE these cookies. They’re all teenagers! We pay commercial bake…
Todd: So you’re telling America on LIVE TV, that the Girl Scouts have NO PART in MAKING these cookies?
Wrigley: Well, they did back in the early 1900s, but as time passed, in 1935 or so, they started selling commercially made…
Todd: So Girl Scouts aren’t IN the cookies, they don’t MAKE the cookies, so you’re REALLY telling me that the Girl Scouts have been DEFRAUDING United States consumers since the 1930s and no one has ever challenged this? I am disappointed. For an organization that claims to build character and alleges to be a positive force in the lives of young women everywhere, to be sitting here telling me today that your organization has been DEFRAUDING Americans for DECADES.
Wrigley: I. We. You. I. I. I don’t even know what to sa…
Todd: I think we can all agree that YOU’VE said enough. I hope this has illuminated the nation about what Girl Scout cookies are really all about. Thank you for your time today… whoever you are. And next up, a man claiming to be from Vatican City with millions of followers worldwide. “Pope” Francis – international dictator or criminal huckster?  Coming up next.

How did my attention even get turned this way???  Last week, I watched Todd work over a tentative and “standing on shaky ground” Kellyanne Conway.  I think she probably needed calling out, however, there’s a time to stop these things. There should have been a ref there to call TKO.  It’s sort of like when basketball teams start pulling their first string and subbing in down to the third string. To her DETRIMENT, there were perfectly GOOD answers that she could have given that would have taken care of the questions that WERE being asked, but she failed to use them.  SHE, like Todd, also seemed to be spoiling for a fight – or had no other tactics BESIDES combat in her repertoire.

She really struck me as someone who maybe went out Saturday night, drank WAY too much and left her brain at home when it came time to put on the big girl boots for the show.  Felt like she was sidestepping everything possible in almost a stereotyped, cartoonish way. These weren’t even elegant deflections.  It was blatantly obvious what she was doing. Getting righteously indignant over ANYTHING that was said no matter how good or bad. She pulled the same shit on Dickerson – and he was GIVING her opportunities to explain her position.  I believe I caught HIM shaking his head in disbelief over her posturing. The piece with Chuck Todd though – It was literally painful to watch. I actually groaned several times while watching her bob and weave – but mostly get smacked right in the face. I had to turn away from the carnage – literally.  Maybe Trump thought a lot of her performance, but it was sad. VERY sad.  It was figuratively like watching someone kick a half dead dog the rest of the way. Pathetic on both parts IMHO – Todd because he should have just said enough is enough, and Conway as you can NOT say the same lame “doesn’t even make SENSE” thing over and over and expect it to change anything. OMFG.  Apparently media advisers need media advisers.

Conway did moderately better with Dickerson a half hour later. I am amazed that she regained her composure. I had, as mentioned, turned away from the carnage of Todd just beating up on her and her trying to stand on flimsy ground to begin with.  The thing is I noticed Dickerson seemed to be much more “Let me get the information from you” than Todd was/is.  Of course, she still wanted to take the same combative approach even though he was GIVING her room to do what she needed to make points. That sort of resonated with me.

Bringing us to THIS Sunday’s show – “Meet the Press” – and first guest Reince Priebus. I personally thought him an odd choice in Trump’s White House initially, but I like the guy.  He actually strikes me as someone who has managed to maintain in a world of craziness. But today, here we go with Chuck Todd.

I don’t know Chuck Todd, but I was having an inner debate myself watching him hammer on Priebus – “Did the DOG shit in his cereal this morning? Or was it the CAT? How about LAST week? Or is this just the way he is ALL the time? OR just since Trump won?”  In any case, something shit in his breakfast and it was coming back out in angry bursts that accomplished nothing but making him look like a bully. Sadly, MOST political people with their own shows look like bullies – making points with their own audience while beating up on ANYONE opposing them. HOWEVER, on a supposedly unbiased basis, one might expect the host, Todd in this case, to actually let the guest speak.  Not so much. Just a whole lot of stuffing combative words in where they really didn’t seem to be needed. Maybe he IS just a bully at heart.A big bully pulpit he has and since he is political director, he can practically get away with whatever he wants…

I personally wanted to just stay  informed, but when it’s basically a host that just wants to show how big and bad HE is at the expense of actually HEARING what a guest has to say? No thanks. Stopped watching Chuck Todd as of today and cancelled my series recording. Maybe after they change political directors again, I’ll check it out. But it will be a while.  Wanted insight and news, Chuck, not a combative asshole – and all you mustered was the latter.


Jobs You Could Get With An Information Technology Degree

Many wonder what exactly does someone with an information technology degree do in the real world. Despite the fact that many of us regularly work with information technology specialists, a significant number of people don’t really know what this job is all about. They just know that they need to call the IT guy when something goes wrong with the computer.

But having a degree in information technology provides you with more skills than just being the computer fixer-upper. With this degree, you could work in areas of the computer business as diverse as technology engineering, database specialization and consulting. Alternatively, you could opt to stick with the traditional IT job of maintaining and repairing computer systems for businesses of all sizes.

One of the most common jobs for someone with an information technology degree to get is an engineering job. There are engineers for both software and hardware, allowing people with interests in different aspects of computers to find their niche. Engineers assist in the development and design of software applications or hardware systems. This is a highly creative position, which lets people explore innovative technologies while making use of their specialized compter knowledge.

One of the greatest rewards for engineers is to see something they’ve created gain widespread use among average computer users. To hear people talking about how great your new software program works is an ego boost to any engineer. The best of them will not be satisfied with this alone, though; they’ll continue to push the boundaries of their work to create better systems.

Some people prefer to work on areas of computer technology that apply more to businesses than individuals. Although engineers can do this, a more common area of work for someone with this desire is to use their information technology degree to work in database specialization. Through this position, the individual creates and re-designs database systems to assist businesses in running more smoothly.

This area of information technology is highly specialized and tends to be favored by people with an information technology degree who don’t ever want to be bored with their work. They can spend hours each day tinkering with the merging of different systems and the design of new database applications, allowing them to create a product uniquely suited to the development of a client’s business.

Of course, not all people who get an information technology degree want to work just with computers. Some want to do more work with people than they do with machines. Whereas engineers and database specialists primarily work alone with their equipment, computer consultants work primarily with people. They explore some of the same aspects of those people in other IT positions but instead of doing the actual work of designing and developing systems and software, they assist others in understanding the utilization of that software. They may make suggestions to companies for systems that could make operations run more smoothly or consult on large purchases made by small businesses.

The Internet is expanding rapidly. As it does, the information technology degree becomes applicable to an increasing number of jobs. However, some folks like to keep things simple. If you’d like to just be the person who fixes computer problems as they arise, you can still use your information technology degree to get that type of job. Generally known as a network administrator, this job is usually a full-time position, which involves fixing daily computer problems, checking the system for errors and assisting with regular updates to the technology. As important as computer function is to most businesses, this remains one of the most important positions available to information technology specialists.

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Tech Support and My Move to Russia Last Week

ME: Yes, I need some assistance on my account
SUPPORT:  Okay, can you give me your account number?
ME: No, that’s the problem, I can’t login to my account.
SUPPORT: Ouch. You can’t login online?
ME: No. Invalid password, but I don’t remember changing it.
SUPPORT: Well, there’s no way that it could be changed unless you changed it. Did you do the “Reset My Password” option?
ME: Yes, tried that, but apparently it is set to the last email account I had before I changed internet providers.
SUPPORT: Can you get TO that email address still?
ME: NO, or I would have DONE that. I said that I believe went to the last email account BEFORE I changed internet providers.
SUPPORT: So you can’t get to it?
SUPPORT: I can change it for you if you can give me your account number.
ME: THAT’S WHY I CALLED. I can’t get in to get it. I don’t HAVE the account number because I opted for the awesome new “paperless billing” your website kept throwing up in my face every 30 seconds until I relented during signup, so I don’t have ANY record of my account number, and NOW, the password maybe has been changed – and I don’t have it.
SUPPORT: Are you sure you didn’t write it down somewhere?
ME: NO. Everyone tells you to NEVER write your passwords down. EVEN YOUR COMPANY SAID NOT TO DO THAT IN ONE OF YOUR HELPFUL SPAM EMAILS.
SUPPORT: Okay okay.
<flipping and searching through obscure emails from 5 years ago. Find account number…>
ME: Hey – I JUST FOUND IT! Here’s my account number – 2k23883482012
SUPPORT: Just a couple security questions – What was your kindergarten teacher’s parakeet’s name?
ME: WHAT?  You have got to be kidding me.
SUPPORT: No, we have that listed as a security question.  It looks like you changed it when you moved to Vorkuta, Russia last week.
SUPPORT: According to our records, you did. You changed your password and security questions.
ME: I’m calling from Raleigh North by God CAROLINA in the UNITED STATES. I have NOT moved.
SUPPORT: I’m sorry, we have you listed in Vorkuta.  I’ll be glad to change that for you if you can just provide the security answers.
ME: God help me. That last one was NOT anything I have EVER used.
SUPPORT: Want to try another one?  All we need is a correct one.
ME: God help me.  Let’s do it.
SUPPORT:  Favorite movie?
ME: Tombstone.
SUPPORT: No, we were looking for “Driving Miss Davydova”.
ME: Where do you come up with “Driving Miss Davydova”? Does that even SOUND reasonable??
SUPPORT: Sure, since you are living in Russia, it makes perfect sense.
SUPPORT: Uh Oh. I just got an alert from the credit department.
ME: An alert from the credit department? Seriously? I cant’ login. I don’t know the account number.. You can’t help me or even get me in the system until I… You DO know my account number, don’t you?
SUPPORT: Yes, sir, we actually do.  Your old phone number triggered the credit department. And it looks like we should be able to SAVE your account! While you’re on the phone sir, I’ve been instructed to go ahead and get your account back under the credit limit after all your purchases last week when you moved.
SUPPORT: Regardless, we need a payment of 32,502,114.98 rubles to get you back under your credit limit. This needs to be taken care of today or your account will be suspended.
ME: I have no clue what a ruble is or what it’s worth because I DON’T LIVE IN RUSSIA. and 32 MILLION RUBLES???
SUPPORT: Well, if you’re in or back in “North by God Carolina” as you claim sir, it would be $520,038 in American.
ME: What in GOD’S name could I have spent $520,038 ON???
SUPPORT: Sir you can check all your purchases by logging in to our easy convenient web interface to get 24/7 account information and to see ALL your purchases. Just login…
ME: <click>

Beat The Competition With Better SEO Results

Search engine optimization could be very confusing for a newbie, but it is really significant for anyone running a site that is trying to earn money on the internet. Utilizing the proper tools can help enhance your own page ranking considerably.

To improve your search engine optimization, find out which keywords are mostly used to describe your website or business. This will mean that people looking for information or services associated with your business, are likely to locate it, as it’s going to be using words which are most significant to them.

The more content that is free, the better chances you have of folks linking to your website for them to share the tips. Free things are always alluring to people. You can include free hints, software, samples, tutorials, e books, coupons or even have a competition with prizes.

One of the finest ways to optimize your website is by getting inbound links. You will get links from the websites of family as well as friends, you can join online link sharing groups or you can become affiliates with similar sites. Not all backlinks are made equal, so concentrate on getting quality links from highly rated websites.

Remain ethical. Many websites use what is called “Black Hat” strategies, meaning they use unethical practices to hop their sites up on search lists. Included in these are keyword stuffing, “Doorway pages”, and several others. Because if an internet search engine comprehends you’re using them, avoid these, they’ll likely ban your website from their pages.

When you are attempting to achieve optimal SEO results, do not forget the value of the description meta-tag. This implies you must have excellent grammar and no typo’s in the meta-tag.

Vary your content. You’ll discover that search engines place sites with dynamic content higher on search results pages; many websites make the error of thinking links are the sole important factor in increasing their positions.

You need to get focus and do the thing you must do to get your fair share of the good things in life. In order to turn your business successful, use these basic SEO tips. If you need some professional help for your local business in the Triangle area, you can find several Raleigh SEO experts that can help you achieve your goals.

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